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 Barcelona: Where the Concrit conference is being held in May

Teachers and academics from all over Europe will be meeting in May to discuss alternatives to the neo-liberal policies which are dominating education systems

The meeting which takes place in Barcelona on the 15 and 16th May is free and open to all educators who are concerned about the way education is run and want to discuss resistance and alternatives. Further details are given below:

Participation in an international critical meeting

Participation in the meeting

is free of charge

Please register at:


Here you will find most information.

If you need more

please send an email to

Forward this invitation

to collegeaues and friends

who might be interested

Let us know about networks or

organisations with similar

interests and purposes

About Concrit

We are witnessing a combination of neoliberal

marketized solutions to educational

problems and neo-conservative returns to

higher standards.

Many practitioners, philosophers and

researchers around Europe are concerned

about these trends. There is a general

impression that techniques of accountability,

measurement and “management” are

increasing while the pedagogical opportunities

are being limited and that we are seeing an

unfortunate standardisation taking place. The

pedagogical environments of Europe are able

to provide much more than that, which is what

Europe needs:

– Is pedagogics the victim of a global

competitive trend?

– Do political trends contribute to turning

pedagogics into a technical quick fix?

– And do we narrow down childhood to a

question of skills as a result of the policy


– Are the European democracies moving

away from the idea of providing general

education on a broad basis in favour of a kind

of thinking dictated by the needs of the

educational institutions?

Therefore, it is time to take the international

perspective seriously and to stage discussions

that invite broader reflection and analysis in

addition to strengthening the democratic

dialogue between the populations of Europe.

For this reason, we invite you to take part in

an unconventionally organised conference on:


We invite you to participate in a twoday

international meeting/conference

with discussions and analyses of

trends in pedagogics and educational

policy. The participation is free of

charge. The meeting will be held in

an unconventional set up and serves

the purpose of establishing

international networks for the

introduction and development of

critical and alternative ideas and

thoughts on pedagogical institutions

and national educational systems.

Focus this year will be on aspects of


If you are ph.d. Student and want to

use the opportunity to present your

research it will be possible either as a

wall paper in relation to speakers

corner or as a presentation in one of

the thematic groups. Let us know

about your plans.


May 15th - Friday

9.00: Registration

10.00: Welcome

10.30: First keynote speakers: Past NUT President

Mary Compton, UK and professor Lois

Weiner, USA

11.30: Group discussions: Exchange of

experiences and interests.

14.30: Cultural event

15.00: Second keynote speaker: Professor

Jan Kampmann, Denmark

15.30: Organizing thematic groups

16.00: Groups are working

18.30: Reception and speakers corner

May 16th – Saturday

10.00: Third keynote speaker: Doctor and

director Alfons Martinell, Spain

10.30: Thematic groups continue their work

14.30: Speakers corner and wall papers

15.30: Thematic groups finish the conference

17.00: Common closing and cultural event

May 17th – Sunday

10.00: Evaluation and next conference

15-16. May Barcelona 2009

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