Teachers in Peru are once again leading the fight against neo-liberal 'reforms' having completed nearly six weeks of strike action. Now the newly-elected pro-business government of President Kuczynski has instituted a state of emergency in the 12 states where teachers are on strike and protesting. This means that the armed forces and police are empowered to enforce public order and prevent free travel and assembly.

As well as demanding an increase to their low salaries, which at present average about $370 a month, the teachers are protesting reforms which will see them having to compete for posts and undergo punitive 'evaluations' without any dedicated training. Poor evaluations would lead eventually to dismissal. Such 'reforms' are promoted by the World Bank which seeks to blame problems in education on teachers, instead of the pitifully low level of investment. In the case of Peru, the World Bank in a  specifically encourages confrontation with unions to achieve the desired reforms.

As well as the teachers, miners have also been on strike protesting against the destruction of many of their labour rights and safety regulations and have been met with armed security forces and doctors struck earlier this month demanding more money for public health in the country.