UK Headteachers vote to Strike.UK Students Demonstrate


  Students Gathering for today's Demonstration UK headteachers have voted to strike over pensions. On the same day students are demonstrating in London The headteachers -who are members of the UK union the National Association of Headteachers have voted three to one for strike action. They will join the other teaching unions (one has yet to announce its ballot result) and all the main public service unions in a strike on November 30th which is set to be the biggest since 1926. Meanwhile on the streets of London, students are demonstrating for the right to free education on the anniversary of their march last year against a tripling of tuition fees to £9000 a year and the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance for less well off 16 - 18 year olds. Reports say that there is a massive police presence in the capital and the government has confirmed that the police have been authorised to fire plastic bullets at the students if 'appropriate'. A group of protestors who tried to occupy Trafalgar Square have been arrested - apparently for 'deviating from the route'  and marchers are being faced by police in riot gear and police horses. Many students received letters from the police warning them of the consequences if they took part in the march. A group of building workers who are also on strike and are demonstrating in London had been kettled by the police - the students stopped their own march in protest and the building workers also sent solidarity to the students.  Students on the march are chanting amongst other things 'General Strike' and 'Tax Banks not Students'. Many are talking of joining the rallies on November 30th. For live updates on the march go to:
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